I joined Canyon’s Tribe retreat in Skathios, Greece with a client for my 30th birthday and it was magical. We were both in need of a detox/break from work and this was by far the best way to do it. We flew in the night of my birthday and Celia had her mom bake me a cake for my birthday which made it super special. Andrea, our yoga teacher, was amazing!!! Our little group felt like family and we bonded pretty easily. I look forward to future trips with the TRIBE Thank you Celia for an amazing retreat in Greece!
— Cassie, USA - Skiathos Retreat 2019
Eat. Sleep. Exercise. Play.
Extremely hard to obtain on any one vacation and even harder in real life. Unless you stumble upon Celia Polyzou and CANYON TRIBE. I’ve certainly ate, played and slept on trips with my husband and played, ate and exercised (but probably not in the traditional sense of the word- more like chasing toddlers!) with my children. But I’ve never managed all four in one glorious week long period. Until Skiathos 2019, a week I keep dreaming about; but most importantly, a week that now serves as a beautiful reminder of how important it is to take care of myself in all ways. Everyone deserves the gift of recharging, resetting and renewing their own presence in this fast paced world of ours. Let Celia’s handpicked adventure(s) do the same for you :)
— Heather, USA - Skiathos retreat 2019
When I look back on my time spent in Skiathos, Greece with Canyon Tribe, it is as if I’m dreaming. The retreat exceeded my wildest expectations. The villa was immaculate, and provided the comforts of a 5 star hotel with spectacular views of the sea. I meditated and practiced yoga with the most incredible group of women for a memorable week. We were prepared traditional vegetarian Greek meals daily, and also had the most excellent time on our boat ride. The itinerary was perfect! I can’t believe Celia, our host, was able to pull all of this off at a price that surely can’t be beat. Journaling was one of my favorite exercises, although the reiki sessions, guided meditation, private pilate sessions, private massage were great activities. I cannot say enough good things about what Canyon Tribe does. You will have to experience it for yourself :)
— Sheanan, USA - Skiathos Retreat 2019
As my first yoga retreat this was an exceptional choice. Twice daily yoga and meditation were just what I needed. The location in Skiathos, Greece was absolutely stunning; it was a dream to wake up to that setting each day. The food was incredible!!!! Some of the women I met on this trip were fun and amazing!! I am so happy this trip was not as costly as other trips I researched, otherwise it would have been out of my reach and I would not have got to have such an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to do another with this team.
— Lisa, USA - SKiathos Retreat 2019
I went on the Flow and Meditate retreat in Tulum. It was AMAZING. The resort was beautiful, relaxed, and tranquil. The yoga session were phenomenal and even had a live DJ who added a lot to the experience. It was awesome having a schedule on vacation that I didn’t have to plan, but at the same time it was very flexible. Our group of yogis became a small family during our days together, chatting for many hours after dinner, laughing on the beach, and swimming in cenotes. My sister and I went on the retreat together and we 100% plan to join Celia and Kumi on another retreat soon!
— Leah, USA - Tulum Retreat 2018
I absolutely loved the trip and had a great time! It was nice not to have to plan our ride and ferry to the location. It was helpful to have that planned and taken care of. I like the size of the group and met great people. Thanks again for an awesome experience! :)
— Michelle, USA - Holbox Retreat 2019
Excellent! Tout d’avord le lieu est simplement magique, la villa grecque traditionnelle surplombe la mer, la plage est accessible à pied, les chambres sont spacieuses, décorées avec goût, tout le confort moderne est disponible. C’est un lieu paisible et calme, avec une vue exceptionnelle, bref idéal pour une retraite! Ensuite, il y a un lieu de pratique face à la mer, qui permet de suivre les cours deux fois par jour, à l’abri du soleil mais à l’extérieur: donc parfait! La cuisine est vegan, basée sur les traditions grecques, elle est très copieuse et délicieuse! Les cours de yoga étaient adaptés à tous les niveaux, Kumi la professeur s’adapte avec bienveillance et douceur au groupe. Progrès assurés!
— Pauline, France - Mykonos Retreat 2018
I had a beautiful vacation. The hotel was really nice, the beach amazing and I loved yoga with Andrea.
— Anna, Luxembourg - Holbox Retreat 2019
I attended one of Canyon Tribe’s exclusive wonderful workshops in their place in BH. It was so magical and special. I met new kin spirits and learned so much about astrology and self-acceptance. Thank you Celia and Danielle for a beautiful Saturday morning!
— Julia, USA - Workshop 2018

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