Meditation Wednesdays at The Piece Collective

Christmas might be a beautiful time of the year, however travel planning, gift shopping & family reunions can cause a lot of pressure. Holiday-related stress is almost inevitable but there are ways to stay sane. Meditation promotes mindfulness & compassion & helps cope with tension. Breathing & staying present are key factors during strenuous situations. 

For 3 weeks during November & December, we partnered with The Piece Collective stores to help their customers relax prior to the holiday season. Nina Polo Wieja & Desiree Lanz led 45 minute meditation sessions at both locations; Abbot Kinney & Beverly Glen Circle. Our SAMAYA meditation cushions were a perfect addition to their dreamy space & with the help of the Sacred Wood Essence palo santo's grounding scent we explored the art of being. We snapped a couple of pictures so you can take a look at our setting & The Piece Collective's wonderful brands.