Celia Polyzou

Born & raised in Greece, Celia moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2012 to pursue a Masters degree & a career in the music industry. After realizing that the most rewarding journey is the journey inside, Celia founded CANYON TRIBE in an effort to share the healing powers of a healthy & balanced lifestyle. A world traveler, rock'n'roll devotee & follower of all physical & spiritual practices, she believes that the key to a happy life is embracing your unique & authentic self.

Celia is Yoga, Mat Pilates & Reiki certified, currently in Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training. 

Favorite meditation: Cooking

Favorite food: Guacamole

Favorite band: Deftones

Favorite restaurant: The Old Place, Agoura Hills, CA 

Favorite coffee shop: Deus Ex Machina

Favorite vacation spot: My grandpa's house in Chios, Greece

Worst nightmare: Malls on Sundays

Can't live without: My car, Rock'n'Roll, the beach

word on the street

Celia is my favorite pilates instructor. She pushes you to challenge yourself, and I love her focus on form. I’ve done Pilates for years, and I didn’t even realize how many workouts I was doing incorrectly until I trained with Celia. During a session with her, I said to myself “oh this is what it’s supposed to feel like.” Incorrect form in pilates means no results. I highly recommend Celia if you’re looking to become fitter and stronger and healthier overall.
— Sh C, Los Angeles, CA